Sparrow Racing League: ‘Destiny’ Goes High-Octane

Sparrow Racing League: ‘Destiny’ Goes High-Octane


In an announcement Saturday, Bungie unveiled to the Destiny community that they will be unleashing a new way to plant their opponents firmly six feet under. This comes in the form of six-man high speed races using the Sparrow jetbikes that have carried many a Guardian to death and glory. For those who’ve grown tired of simple armed chaos and slaughter, the Sparrow Racing League provides the opportunity to test your mettle while hurtling at speeds of over 170 km/h around a harrowing racetrack.

Behold, the official Tweet:

The event will run for three weeks, concluding on December 29. Players will be able to collect racing bounties, unique gear and shaders exclusive to the new game mode, with even more exclusive content  coming to PS4 users. In a live stream, we saw competitors blasting down the course, striving to overtake one another whilst also avoiding assault by A.I. foes around that lurk around every corner. Although the Sparrows boast awesomely satisfying driving mechanics and a genuinely cool design, they haven’t been used for anything but rather mundane transport in Destiny to date. Fans now have a way to take these machines to the max.

We have yet to see whether Bungie will be able to pull off a game mode that differs so greatly from the base concept of their hugely successful shooter. If the FPS heavyweight manages to create a fun racing experience that meshes well with the rest of Destiny, I’m excited to see what the future of the Sparrow Racing League holds for us Guardians.

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