‘World War Toons’ brings much needed twist to WWII genre

‘World War Toons’ brings much needed twist to WWII genre


There have been tons of games using the setting of World War II for their battles, but none quite like this. World War Toons is the beautiful result of mixing WWII-themed Team Fortress 2 and the Looney TunesWorld War Toons, a comedic shooter, is developed by Reload Studios, an indie firm that prides itself on working with VR technology for games. This is their first major project and, if the game itself is anywhere close to as good as their trailer, it looks like it’ll be a big hit.

Growing up in the ’90s led to a lot of cartoon watching featuring the Looney Tunes cast. You know, back when it was okay for kids to watch cartoons featuring animals in humorously violent situations without fear that they would grow up to emulate T.V. and actually drop an anvil on their nemesis. As seen in the trailer, World War Toons looks to bring back some of that silly violence especially thorough the addition of pianos falling from the sky and crushing the enemy.

We see so many shooters in this era that try to take themselves very seriously, aiming for tactical realism and only pulling the trigger when they can see the whites of the eyes of their enemies. Reload is taking a different approach to the WWII shooter, picking up where Battlefield Heroes left off in the goofy war department. The chief aim here instead is to have an enjoyable experience, one that leads to smiles and laughter, rather than the usual rage that ensues multiplayer FPS games. Because shooters are serious business.

If you don’t believe me that World War Toons is worth looking into, check out the trailer below:


As Reload’s first release, the pressure is on. Will World War Toons take off as expected or blow up like a well-placed crate of ACME dynamite? Only time will tell, but it’s looking pretty good so far.

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