PlayStation Now 12-month subscription opens today

PlayStation Now 12-month subscription opens today


PlayStation Now, Sony‘s game streaming service, will be getting a new and cheaper way to access your PS3 era favorites. As of today they will be offering a 12-month subscription to the service for on $99.99. This is a discount of just about 58% off of the normal one-month subscription rate of $19.99 per month.

The PlayStation Now subscription can be found on the PlayStation Store. Current subscribers can purchase the discounted year-long subscription to be added to the current time left with the service. New subscribers can take advantage of the 7-day free trial, to see if this is really the way you want to go with your PlayStation gaming needs.

Currently, there are over 270 games to choose from on PlayStation Now. That is a pretty impressive number for Sony to be streaming out to its fans. The list below combines recent favorites as well as some throwback classics. The list contains some nice titles to act as beacons, drawing in wayward gamers looking for enjoyment. Especially for those who sold their PS3 collection to pay for the new PS4, this is a great way to get back into some of your older games.

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Examples of more recent series are:

  • Lego games
  • Assassin’s Creed titles
  • Uncharted series
  • Bioshock series


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Examples of throwback games include:

  • Crazy Taxi
  • Sonic CD
  • Metal Slug
  • Mega Man 9


It’s great to see Sony mixing up the selection and giving us newer and older titles to choose from in the streaming service. PlayStation Now really has something for everyone looking for a way to play games without spend absurd amounts on each title; the only downside is when you stop subscribing you lose the games.

PlayStation Now currently has an open beta for the following devices:

  • PS4
  • PS3
  • PS Vita
  • PSTV
  • Select Sony 2014 TVs
  • Select Sony 2015 Tvs
  • 2015 Sony Blu-ray Players
  • Select 2014 Samsung Smart TV’s
  • Select 2015 Samsung Smart TV’s

If this sounds like a good deal to you ho over to the PlayStation Store and get yourself signed up, with all those games to choose from it might take you the whole 12-month subscription just to pick what to play next, and you’ll fall into a familiar problem to those with over-sized Steam libraries.

Source: PlayStation (via Geeky-Gadgets)

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