Review: PAYDAY 2 – The Point Break Heists DLC

Review: PAYDAY 2 – The Point Break Heists DLC


It wouldn’t be a good day unless Starbreeze and OVERKILL churned out some crazy new content for their hit cooperative heisting FPS PAYDAY 2. Lucky DLC pack #29 has been entitled The Point Break Heists in honor of the upcoming film of the same name, adding two awesome new scenarios given to you by Locke, a rogue Murkywater operative that’s decided to help you make off with the mercenary company’s valuables. Oh, and there’s some new masks, designs, and textures, achievements, and a brand new pistol: the Baby Deagle.

First off, the new heists are pretty awesome: “Beneath the Mountain” has you and your team slogging through a Cold War-era bunker that’s been retrofitted to serve as Murkywater’s base of operations. Of course, being built into a mountain and their love for loot brought back from overseas, you can imagine that there’s a bunch of vaults in this HQ of theirs.

Review: PAYDAY 2 - The Point Break Heists DLC

If running around through tunnels isn’t your thing, you can always try out “Birth of Sky.” Stealing large sums of unmarked bills isn’t anything new, but dropping pallets of cash from a Murkywater cargo plane mid-flight, skydiving after them, and securing them on the ground for pick-up by Locke–now that‘s a heist. And given you’ve got not one, not two, but three of those suckers to hoist off to your own headquarters, you can bet the payout is pretty darn great.

As far as the Baby Deagle goes, the new pistol adds much-needed stopping power to PAYDAY 2‘s sidearm selection, especially if you need something silenced and concealable. Prior to Point Break, I used a standard Desert Eagle with a silencer, but mixed with the M308 (or really any other weapon), it was impossible for me to get my concealment score low enough to be useful on purely stealth missions; the Baby Deagle gives you roughly the same stopping power and damage in just a fraction of the package.

Review: PAYDAY 2 - The Point Break Heists DLC

While this doesn’t necessarily remark on the DLC itself, it’s pretty cool to see a developer affiliate its product so frequently with film and music. Back in May, OVERKILL released The Alesso Heist (albeit, to mixed reviews) as a content collaboration between the studio and DJ Alesso. Before that, they’ve produced content nodding to Hotline MiamiCounter Strike: Global Offensive, and Chivalry, as well as hiring Giancarlo Esposito (better known as his character “Gustavo Fring” from Breaking Bad) to play as the Dentist, one of your contacts in the criminal underworld.  Now, they’re partnered up featuring the action movie Point Break set to come out on Christmas Day.

Granted, I’m a little surprised that already PAYDAY 2‘s reached 29 different flavors of DLC, OVERKILL and Starbreeze are still going strong. With The Point Break Heists as addictive and action packed as ever, I can’t wait to see what #30 (and any future content, in partnership with other talents or otherwise) has in store. If you’re looking to buy this DLC, it’s definitely worth its weight in gold–but I’d suggest only doing so for the weapons and extra items you can unlock. Otherwise, if you’re just looking to enjoy the missions, just find a friend who already has the DLC and let them host. Before you know it, you’ll be hijacking cargo planes and knocking down the doors of subterranean bases in no time at all.

Ahh, it’s good to get paid.

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