Dragon Valley returns in free ‘Legacy Ops’ update

Dragon Valley returns in free ‘Legacy Ops’ update


Long-time fans of the Battlefield series will see a bit of nostalgia in today’s new free update to Battlefield 4. Legacy Operations heralds the return of a classic map from Battlefield 2: Dragon Valley.

Dragon Valley 2015 brings increased vehicle play this time around as well as being one of the biggest maps in the game, boasting eight capture points to fight for in Conquest. These points are connected by big bridges for vehicles to keep on trucking and getting kills and capture points.

Continuing Battlefield‘s use of destruction, these bridges naturally be vulnerable to well-placed explosives, leaving enemy stopped in their tracks… or down the mountainside.

Balance is a big issue in online matches of Battlefield 4. With this in mind, the developers have made the bridges not only breakable, but also repairable. Engineers can utilize their multi-use blowtorches to fix up all those wooden bridges (a bit of an oddity but we work with the tools we are given).

This is a great solution to the potential problem would have otherwise popped up. Without the ability to rebuild broken bridges, players could drop some C4 at the base of the bridge and effectively stop the use of ground vehicles on a map where tanks and trucks are one of the most featured forms of attack and defense.

There will be lots of adjustments made to keep you on your toes, as well as giving a better scale to the map. To give you a taste, the BF4 team has released a comparison shot between the original map from 2005 and its 2015 makeover:


Dragon Valley returns in 'Legacy Operations'


Dragon Valley returns in 'Legacy Operations'

Despite its temptations to be a sniper’s paradise, with the map’s increased vehicle accessibility, you might be safer in something mobile and armored. So don’t delay, grab your repair kit, hop in a tank, and get driving into Dragon Valley 2015.

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