New ‘Metro 2033’ title coming to mobile

New ‘Metro 2033’ title coming to mobile


What fun would a Russian post-apocalypse be if we couldn’t take it with us? The publishers at TapStar Games had the same thought and is making a new game based in the Metro 2033 universe.

Metro 2033: Wars will be based on Dmitry Glukhovsky‘s best-selling novel series, Metro 2033. In TapStar’s newest addition to the mobile family, you will join the survivors in the metro system located in once scenic Moscow.

Metro 2033: Wars is a open world, turn-based strategy game that takes place after world-wide nuclear warfare in near future that caused mass fleeing to the tunnels of the metro. Humans are not the only ones living in the damp dark tunnels, because what would a post-apocalyptic situation be without some form of zombie-like mutant creature to face?

New 'Metro 2033' title coming to mobile

While the previous games set in the same universe (Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light) were first person shooters, Metro 2033: Wars will be far more strategic in building relations, supplying your group, and completing your station.

Each station along the Metro has become its own city-state of sorts. As you can imagine with each station arising based on politics, religion, or survival, they cannot all get along and agree. It is part of your job to try and be diplomatic with these factions and work together for mutual survival. Throughout the rest of your day you will have to scavenge for resources and seek out new stations to hopefully become friendly with.

Metro 2033: Wars takes one of the most surprisingly time consuming features of Fallout 4 and emphasizes it even further. You are responsible for building and maintaining your own station-based city while also exploring deeper into the metro system.This exploration will lead you to find other factions who you can become friendly with, leading to benefits you would otherwise not see.

New 'Metro 2033' title coming to mobile

During your time away from the homestead it would be a good idea to have mercenaries come along to help fend off creatures, mutants, and rivals. Without their help you could be a sitting duck for a multi-sided attack.

As with all installments of the Metro 2033 series, the game will have an ominous soundtrack to really pull you into the gravity of the situation you find yourself trapped in. Get ready because on December 17, the mutants will be coming to snuff out the flame of humanity from the Metro.

Metro 2033: Wars will be available through both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store for $7.99. It seems like a lot to pay for a phone app but the features packed inside this game based on an already successful series should make the investment pay off nicely.

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