‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ delayed until 2016

‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ delayed until 2016


Bethesda Softworks has been quite busy lately with the recent release of Fallout 4, but that is not the only game that was slated to come out in 2015 for the publisher. The Elder Scrolls will be getting a new addition to the already impressive list of games in the series. No, this will not be the highly anticipated sixth entry to the main series, but instead we will be getting a strategy card game based on the Elder Scrolls universe.

If you haven’t heard about The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Bethesda’s been pretty hush-hush about it, offering up a teaser earlier this year at E3:

However, now that we are halfway through December and we haven’t heard anything more on the release, it’s easily inferred that it is being delayed until 2016.

Pete Hines, VP of Public Relations and Marketing at Bethesda, acknowledged the game’s existence earlier this week, having teased a curious Twitter follower that it won’t be arriving any time soon.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends will be available for both PC and iPad in a free-to-play format, though no information has been given regarding micro-transactions or pay-to-win strategies, but we will hope for the best. While delays are definitely not always a bad thing, it becomes a lot easier to deal with when the game in question hasn’t had much mainstream hype. Given Bethesda’s track record, however, we’re optimistic that the extra time to work on this game will end up with an awesome strategy game.

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