‘Battlefield Hardline’ gets competitive matchmaking

‘Battlefield Hardline’ gets competitive matchmaking


Battlefield Hardline will be seeing a few new updates in the coming month. With the Getaway DLC slated for release this month, the accompanying free update is an interesting one this time, as it is not just the same minor fixes that we would expect to see. Instead Visceral Games has added a new matchmaking system that acts much like that found in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Competitive Match system creates a lobby for a 5v5 game of Hardline in which players are matched based on their skill level. You can join the matchmaking system as a solo player, but console players also have the choice to join the queue as a squad. The better you perform in the competitive matches, the more your skill rank will increase, but if you play poorly, you can just as easily drop backwards through the ranks. These ranks are adjusted after each match, beginning at Cadet (Silver I) and going all the way up to Elite Gold Captain (Global Elite).

One interesting difference that really sets this new update apart from other matchmaking systems (like in CS:GO, for example) is the use of seasons. Visceral has added 2-3 week long seasons to the mix that feature themed maps and modes to rotate through for each season. At the end of each season, the top 5 ranked players will be rewarded with an upgrade to their Kill Card, and the winner of the season will be celebrated that all may gaze upon them with awe – and put a target on their back for the following season. Hubris, double-edged swords, and what not.

'Battlefield Hardline' gets competitive matchmaking

This new system allows matches to be played on a more even level, pitting the strongest players against one another while those who need more practice can gain experience as they improve.

Battlefield Hardline‘s newest addition is a smart move though time will tell if this will help the game take its own share of the pro e-sports market. While the Competitive Match system contains some promising prospects, it’s too soon to tell (especially considering it hasn’t yet been released).

One thing’s for certain though: it’s about to get real. But I guess the question is: where will you be on the leaderboards?

Source: Official Battlefield Website

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