‘Crusader Kings II: Conclave’ expansion revealed

‘Crusader Kings II: Conclave’ expansion revealed


There’s something to be said about a company that passionately continues to support their games even years after release, giving a mix of free and paid-for additional content much to the joy of their fans. Paradox Interactive is a great example of this as they announced Conclave, the latest expansion to their 2012 Medieval dynasty simulator Crusader Kings II.

The new expansion gives more clout to the vassals you employ: you will no longer have to feel lonely sitting atop your throne as the council will now be speaking up, trying to get an actual say in how you rule your domain. Make sure not to simply shrug them off thinking you know more than them; while you might, the councilor in question may become restless and rebel against you and other members of your cabinet. And you thought sibling rivalry was enough to contend with.

Speaking of family, your royal children will have some changes made to them as well, and I’m not talking about puberty. The education system is getting a bunch of revisions in Conclave as well as additional traits and events for the children to acquire and experience.

Manipulative council members aside, Conclave also gives you a wide range of peaceful diplomatic options such as the ability to prioritize marriage alliances and non-aggression pacts to help deter your neighbors from using force against you, while still not committing to a more permanent defensive relationship.

Paradox is yet to give us a solid release date for Conclave, however they’ve teased it to be sometime amid early 2016. In the meantime, you can always brush up on your statecraft and managing your internal affairs. After all, might as well enjoy your docile councilors while you can…

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