‘Pocket Mortys’ brings Rick and Morty to your phone

‘Pocket Mortys’ brings Rick and Morty to your phone


Adult Swim has brought us some great content over the years: shows like Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken, along with fun games like Robot Unicorn Attack they have given us many hours of enjoyment. They haven’t said that a new season of Rick and Morty is coming out anytime soon, but there is a new iOS and Android game titled Pocket Mortys based on the sci-fi duo that releases next week!

Pocket Mortys is the apparent love child of Rick and Morty and the adoration for classic Pokémon gameplay. The game features many instances of Rick using his various Mortys in order to fight against one another. While the story line of the game has yet to be announced, it is sure to be well done if only based on the episodes they write.

The teasers that have been posted to the Twitter accounts of various contributors to the game, show game play that is very reminiscent of playing Pokémon on the Game Boy. Between the gifs of Rick walking around town and the opening sequence to battles, it is clear to see the inspiration/parody source that Pocket Mortys is using.

According to tweets made by the Adult Swim Games account, the game will launch with 82 Mortys to start, with even more on the way in the future. This sounds like a great plan for them to start with a bunch and make plans for additional Mortys based on future episodes. As long as it doesn’t get too carried away, I still can’t accept the fact that there is more than 151 Pokémon, I don’t think I can handle several hundred Mortys either.

It wouldn’t be Adult Swim without ridiculous jokes from the creators, that if true, would dash the hopes of fans across the board. Dan Harmon who provided voice acting for the game, and created the show it’s based on, tweeted that the app would be free to download. However, in order to keep your Mortys alive you must make $90 worth of in-app purchases to feed them. Of course, he’s just kidding:

As stated by the tweets, Pocket Mortys will be released next Thursday, January 14. It will be listed on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store for the low, low price of free.

Source: Adult Swim Games (via Android Authority)

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