Start2Kickstarter Update: Kingdom Come: Deliverance gears up for beta

Start2Kickstarter Update: Kingdom Come: Deliverance gears up for beta


As the second birthday of the obscenely successful Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Come: Deliverance quickly approaches, we bring good news of great joy from the development team: the beta version is coming soon!

The original hope for the game was to have a full release in Q4 of 2015 but as things often do in gaming, Warhorse Studio‘s fully funded project got delayed. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has set out as an ambitious effort to make a game with “the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount & Blade, the storytelling styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, and the tough combat dynamics of Dark Souls.” That said, a delay from an indie studio with a project of this magnitude is understandable, especially when the developers are taking time to do things right.

If their latest update featuring the game’s crime system is any indication, they’re definitely not wasting time:

In the latest update on Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s Kickstarter page, Warhorse assured us that the beta will be available in the coming months to those with ‘Knight’ level backer status and higher (that is, those who spent at least £20/$32 USD or more).

If you are one of the many people kicking themselves for not supporting the project during its campaign, you are clearly not alone. At the initial Kickstarter campaign’s end, Warhouse accumulated over £1.1 million (just under $1.82 million at the time) donated by over 35,000 backers; at present, according to the game’s site, those numbers now exceed $2.6 million across over 51,600 backers. While you won’t be able to get a copy of the beta at the original £20 mark if you’ve decided you want to opt in now, you can still get the Baron Tier Digital Edition for $49.99, giving you an Early Access version of the beta as well as access to the current alpha build.

As Creative Director Daniel Vávra notes, the beta version will be a great glimpse of what the full version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises to be. Hell, it looks like it will have more content than many of the Early Access titles currently on Steam have.

Here’s a rundown of what the beta will include:

  • Most of the core game mechanics
  • Several quests from the main storyline
  • One of the first big battles
  • A bigger map than currently resides in alpha (triple current size, one-fifth final size)
  • A new weapon choice of sword and shield

As proof of how much story there will be when the game is finished, there will be over 2,500 pages of screenplay that outline more than 70 quests containing over 300,000 words of dialogue.

Start2Kickstarter Update: Kingdom Come: Deliverance gears up for beta

For those skeptics out there thinking that these 70 quests will be simple errands like going to the store of milk that the townspeople inexplicably cannot do themselves, there is some solace to find in the game’s promotion. As promised in the Kickstarter campaign:

You will not find any dragons, half-naked Elven warriors, or wizards in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. At no point will you have to collect seven pieces of a legendary magic staff to defeat an ancient evil bent on destroying the world with an army of demons. We think there are enough such games out there.”

The technical alpha has been opened up to those at or above the ‘Baron’ backer level and is currently playable on version 0.5. The extensive crime system is now playable in the alpha release, already giving the game some sweet points to set it apart from other role-playing games. For example, in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, if anyone sees you commit a crime they can and will run to alert the guards – as opposed to Skyrim where the guards were omniscient and just knew you were stealing that sweet roll that the bar wench saw you grab. Additionally, your in-game reputation can actually prevent certain events from firing and even quests becoming available to you until you clean up your act and make amends for your previous crimes.

From their homepage, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is slated for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Summer 2016 with the beta becoming available “within a matter of months.” Whether or not the new deadline is made, Warhorse has been forthcoming with its progress, having not necessarily foreseen the sheer amount of positive feedback their project has garnished over the course of its life. But again with how much time and energy is being spent by this indie team, they’re well on their way to a polished, immersive Medieval RPG.

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