‘PAYDAY 2’ gets new ‘Goat Simulator’ DLC today

‘PAYDAY 2’ gets new ‘Goat Simulator’ DLC today


Between heists on PAYDAY 2 the other day, I noticed a news blurb in the lower corner of the home screen. Assuming it was just another bug fixing update I promptly ignored it and moved on. Then when it came around again I noticed something a little different than the usual hotfix announcement. This is an update setting up for a new heist DLC, based on Goat Simulator.

PAYDAY 2 has never been shy about adding DLC to the Steam Store for players to add to the game’s list of heists, masks, and weapons nor is this the first time they have partnered with another popular face in media. They teamed up with music artist Alesso to bring us a new job taking place during one of his live shows, and more recently they took on the new version of Point Break featuring two heists based on the film.

While they have done things like this in the past, this is by far – and by far I mean a few galaxies away far – the strangest collaboration they have done to date. Just because it is strange does not make us any less interested, however; I know I won’t be able to silence my own curiosity as I will be trying out the new opportunity to help Vlad later tonight.

'PAYDAY 2' gets new 'Goat Simulator' DLC today

The job’s story is that Vlad has ordered the crew to intercept a cocaine shipment – an easy job they can do in their sleep. That is until they realize the cocaine has been placed in the stomachs of live goats, leaving chaos to reign as they spread out for you to find in quite possibly the weirdest game of hide and seek ever played.

As Overkill does with the majority of their DLC packs, you will be getting more than just a new heist to run. The pack also comes with four new melee weapons, four masks, and two new songs to groove to while playing. There are also four mask materials and patterns included in the deal as well as new achievements, bringing the total number of achievements to a massive 381.

If chasing after drug-filled farm animals is not your idea of a good time, you can still take advantage of the new, free update that came out on January 12 that grants a 25% experience bonus to all players for all heists until January 21.

'PAYDAY 2' gets new 'Goat Simulator' DLC today

The new DLC is out today on PAYDAY 2‘s Steam page, listed for $6.99. This is certainly a one of a kind opportunity to play with such an interesting combination of games. Hop online and get ready to become the richest goat wrangler to walk to earth.

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