‘Heroes of the Storm’ sets up Spring 2016 Global Championship

‘Heroes of the Storm’ sets up Spring 2016 Global Championship


Less than a year after releasing their shiny new MOBA Heroes of the Storm,  Blizzard Entertainment has announced their first season-based global championship event.

As announced during BlizzCon, there will be a new Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Circuit with three seasons, one each in spring, summer, and fall. All of these seasons will contribute to the Global Championship event this winter. In total there will be over $4 million up for grabs across the seasons and final.

Heroes of the Storm 2016 Spring Global Championship will feature region-based leagues and tournaments to determine who will be entered into the major tournament hosted by the game’s creators.

The qualifying tournaments are broken up into eight regions, wherein four of those, only the champion moves on and in the other four, there will be two teams advancing to the Spring Championship. The eight regions are Korea, China, South East Asia, Europe, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, Taiwan, and North America.

The regions that will produce two teams for the Spring Championship are considered the larger areas of esports fame: North America, China, Europe, and Korea.

Some of the regional events have already begun with China’s set to end this weekend already.

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  • Two teams advance
  • Jan 12-Mar 20
  • Prize Pool: $200k USD


South East Asia

  • One team advances
  • Jan 16-Mar 6
  • Prize Pool: $22.5k USD


Latin America

  • One team advances
  • Jan 25-Mar 19
  • Prize Pool: $18.5k USD



  • One team advances
  • Feb 18-Mar 13
  • Prize Pool: $60k USD


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  • Two teams advance
  • Jan 15-Jan 24
  • Prize Pool: $100k USD



  • Two teams advance
  • Jan 23-Mar 6
  • Prize Pool: $100k USD


Australia/New Zealand

  • One team advances
  • Jan 30-Feb 28
  • Prize Pool: $20k USD


North America

  • Two teams advance
  • Feb 27-Feb 28 (finals – full details not yet released)
  • Prize Pool: $100k USD



Stay tuned to the dedicated Heroes of the Storm esports site to keep up on the latest information coming from the regional qualifiers leading up to the Spring Championship at BlizzCon 2016!

Source: Battle.net

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