Heavy metal game ‘Slain!’ “too hard” for release

Heavy metal game ‘Slain!’ “too hard” for release


Game release dates get delayed all the time, in fact it has become easier to become a little more pessimistic toward release dates; expecting the worst and being pleasantly surprised when games do come out on time. Delays usually stem from the need to polish a project so it’s pretty and smooth on release. Slain!, on the other hand, has been delayed for a new reason: it’s too hard to play.

The teams at Wolf Brew Games and Digerati Distribution have made a statement regarding the recent decision to push back the pixelated platformer’s availability: “The game needs a few last tweaks because right now no mortal man or woman could possibly get past Slain!’s intense platforming, traps and monstrosities.”

Now as a life-long gamer, I have seen many excuses from companies that are making me wait for my most anticipated titles: some reasons deal with size and scaling issues; others just need those finishing touches; and, unfortunately, some games get yanked from the shelves retroactively because of massive fixes needed to even run the game. But after reading this note from Slain!‘s creators, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow due to the sheer shock of hearing a completely unexpected justification for their setback – especially when they say that the game is flat out too hard for people to play, needing a full two months to bring it down.

With games out there like Dark Soulswhere it at times feels like you are making as much head way as breaking down a brick wall with a feather. So why in this case is a game that’s “too hard” such a bad thing that release was delayed?

Considering a solid amount of their gameplay teaser was player deaths, it may be a nod to the fact that the difficulty of the game needed to be toned down. While they were likely just trying to show toughness as a challenge at the time, the new admission of the game being too hard to play makes for some easily-connected dots.

Slain! will now be set to release on Steam on March 24, with the Wii U, Ps4, PS Vita, and Xbox One versions being released at an unknown date in May/June of this year.

If you like platformers, difficult games, heavy metal, or any/all of these options, Slain! just may be the game for you. Make sure to pick up your copy for PC this March. Hopefully.

Source: Wolf Brew Games

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