5 Mount & Blade: Warband Mods Worth Playing

5 Mount & Blade: Warband Mods Worth Playing


I can’t remember the last time I played the vanilla version of Mount & Blade: Warband. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a great game all its own, but with all the awesome mods floating around out there, it’s hard to resist the temptation – especially if some of those mods include overhauls that catapult us into Game of Thrones or the midst ancient Roman war.

Yes, friends, you can find those overhauls and more amidst this finely curated list of some cool Warband mods while you wait for Bannerlord to come out (which should be sometime this year, if memory serves). Our first stop? 19th century Europe.

5 Mount & Blade: Warband Mods Worth Playing


For those of you who enjoyed Warband‘s multplayer-only Napoleonic Wars DLC but hate playing with other people, you’re in luck. L’Aigle (which, in my culturally ignorant mind sounds like laggle) has been the labor of love by one Docm30, arriving on Steam Workshop last summer. Recreating Western Europe at the dawn the War of the Fifth Coalition and with ten countries including Napoleonic France, Great Britian, Italy, and Holland (with more to come), this mod is made with line infantry commanders in mind.

Geared mostly towards war, it reminds me of a more expansive, historically modern version of With Fire and Sword. In addition to recruiting from the local villages, you can enlist as a regular at any of the factions’ depots found in the heart of the nation you wish to pledge fealty. It’s easy cash early on so long as you dodge the hail of gunfire whizzing at you from enemy formations down range, and if you’re lucky enough to survive, you’ll garner the prestige needed to command your own unit soon enough.

This process, of course, can be expedited by nabbing enemy battle standards and turning them in at the depot for fame and glory, but again, you’ll have to run between the bullets. Or just save up those paychecks and just buy yourself a commission. Whatever’s clever in war, I suppose.

While the mod includes high quality uniforms, equipment, and effects overall, the unit AI has also been improved, now capable of battle formations such as the anti-cavalry square to stave off charging dragoons. There’s also cannons, naval battles, and tons of new units, all “thoroughly-researched and historically-accurate.”

With the amount of effort gone into this Warband mod, L’Aigle is definitely one for your library. And you don’t even need Napoleonic Wars to play.

5 Mount & Blade: Warband Mods Worth Playing

Bellum Imperii

If you’d prefer Europe in a darker era, gokiller‘s Bellum Imperii‘s got you covered. Having recently updated to version 1.2, this Warband mod based from Brytenwalda (the makers of which went on to make the Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest DLC) and chronicles the rise of the Roman Empire.

With a whopping 24 factions throughout Europe, North Africa, and Asia Minor, you’ll have plenty to do, whether you wish to be a mercenary, merchant, or monarch. Along with over a thousand of high quality items like weapons, clothing and armor, as well as other custom goods and crops, Bellum Imperii is an overhaul that takes its classification seriously. In comparison to the base game, this mod’s UI and plethora of options (like combat core and siege realism) make for a polished experience tailored to how you want to play.

Other nuances such as infantry tactics and formations, camp entrenchment, building forts and outposts, spear bracing, land ownership, and order and persistent wound systems are but a few new features, with even more rolling out with each update.

After stabilizing the mod by its version 1.0 release, the developer mentioned there’ll be “specialized features in future updates,” a promise that’s been kept so far: 1.1 added the ability to recruit special troops through a recruit present at great halls (such as Roman Praetorians or Greek hoplites), as well as changing the religion system to a cultural system (Christians/Pagans to Romans/Barbarians); 1.2 added new bandit parties and spawns, along with a handful of new maps, scenes, troops, and equipment.

Though the difficulty at first is a little steep until you can find yourself some decent equipment and steady work – whatever your methods may be – Bellum Imperii is by far one of the better Warband mods you can get your hands on…

But what about another corner of the world instead of the West?

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