Zubmariner set to surface Fall 2016

Zubmariner set to surface Fall 2016


British game developers/master wordsmiths Failbetter Games were happy to announce their new Sunless Sea DLC Zubmariner‘s release date at EGX Rezzed earlier last week. While Sunless Sea introduced the Fallen London universe into its own standalone game (as opposed to its origins as a massive browser-based story game), Zubmariner takes us even deeper below the surface of the dark and terrifying Unterzee. Aside from the to-be-expected monsters waiting to devour you whole, there is much in the way of treasure and adventure to be found in the Deepzee. And to think the vast darkness of this subterranean realm couldn’t get any darker…

Slapping on about a third more content in comparison to the original game, Zubmariner sets our focus on what lurks beneath the waves. In addition to navigating the low zees as you always have, those with their own Zub can submerge themselves and their crew into the inky blackness for the sake of exploration, fortune, and glory. As you can imagine how submersibles work, you’ll have to keep an eye on your gauges, especially your oxygen levels and your radar, allowing your blind eyes some sight this far below.

When it comes to the blips that appear on your screen outside the gaze of your lantern, your guess is as good as any as to what they might be: a port to a Deepzee city or perhaps the glint of an old sunken shipwreck. Then again, it might just be something looking to take a bite or two out of you. If you thought the surface beasties were enough to contend with, you’ve now got another 14 below who’re looking to establish themselves higher on the food chain.

Outrunning (or outswimming, I suppose — zwimming?) any predators has become a bit easier now with the use of Deepzee currents, warps of fast-moving water to whisk you away downstream. While useful in evasion and quickly traveling map tiles, nothing in the Unterzee stays the same; the currents underneath are no different, even during one captain’s lifetime.

In addition to about a dozen new ports to lay anchor to, Zubmariner also gives more emphasis to player interaction with the environment while zailing around: as I mentioned before, long-forgotten shipwrecks now await to be plundered, and “oases” of oxygen-producing Deepzee plants can halt oxygen depletion while you remain within their aura.

The quests you begin underneath may take you to other Deepzee ports or have you return to the surface; other times, you might be forced to surface to avoid certain creatures below. Whether or not they follow you (if they can) is yet another surprise you must contend with, but it is the adrenaline that courses through your veins that reminds you you’re alive… for now…

While this is just a succinct overview, you’re more than welcome to check out the full EGX presentation with developer Liam McDonald and producer Lottie Bevan below (Zubmariner‘s overview starts about ten minutes in):

At present, Sunless Sea‘s Zubmariner DLC is anticipated for release sometime Fall 2016 and without a determined price. However, if you had bought Sunless Sea while it was in Early Access, Zubmariner will be unlocked to you for free for your support. Whether or not this is a gift or a curse assaulting your sanity will be seen in time.

Are you ready to face the darkness of the deep?

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