Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer released

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer released


I know it’s still early in the year but August is just a few short months around the corner. Of course, that’s not all that lurks just beyond our sight: everyone’s favorite augmented private security professional steps back into the light as a counterterrorist operative in Eidos Montreal‘s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer.

Taking place in 2029 (two years after the game’s predecessor Human Revolution), the world is gripped in unrest as mechanically augmented individuals become targets for hatred and prejudice. Once heralded as the next step in evolution, these “unnatural” people have become a symbol of all that’s wrong with humanity and its unholy attempt to break mortal constraints.

Adam Jensen, an augmented private security contractor and the game’s protagonist, uses his influence to join Interpol’s counterterrorist group Task Force 29 but he’s not just searching for the world’s most wanted. He’s looking for the puppet masters working behind the shadows who once catalyzed the augmentation movement only to set it on fire: the Illuminati.

In the latest entry to the Deus Ex series, you’ll be given more… everything, it would seem: more augmentations to complete your missions (whether you prefer stealth, going in loud, or something in between); more weapons and mods to suit your situation, giving you even more flexibility in combat; and more people to sift through, constantly assessing friend from foe.

While the Mankind Divided trailer does a good job catching us up on the story and showcasing Adam’s latest adventures, it also does a good job remaining vague as to what are actually features and what’s cinematic. Though I’m not always a fan of smoke-and-mirrors tactics (especially six minute long teasers that make me want to fast-forward to release day), it wouldn’t be a true Deus Ex game without some sort of facade. Whether or not we’ll be able to uncover the true reasons behind the Illuminati’s actions… well…

That’ll have to wait until August 23rd.

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