Start2Kickstarter: The Wild Eight

Start2Kickstarter: The Wild Eight


As spring is finally here in Cascadia (and then some with this 80º+ weather lately), it’s hard to think about the bitterness of the winter cold. But for some, the frozen winds never seem to subside; having lived in Wisconsin for most of my life, I can’t imagine what it’d be like to inhabit a literal tundra. Now it seems I no longer have to wonder. Hailing from one of the coldest places on Earth in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, indie developer Eight Points has taken to Kickstarter in order to finish a project that seeks to give the rest of the world a taste what it means to truly survive. Having already raised the $50,000 needed with 11 days to spare (the campaign is currently sitting at over $52,000 with over a thousand backers), bundle up and prepare yourselves for The Wild Eight.

Styled as a “plot-driven survival co-op game,” The Wild Eight is an allegory for the hardships the developers face in order to survive on a daily basis (albeit with less plane crashes). With heavy influences from games like Diablo and Don’t Starve, fans of other Kickstarter favorite The Long Dark will find themselves right at home in the wilderness of the frozen north. Whether alone or up to eight players, you and your band of unlikely survivors are stuck trying to make the best out of a worst-case scenario.

Typical survival elements are present in The Wild Eight: you wake up with little resources, needing to tame this strange land you find yourself in. Hunting, crafting, and fending off starvation, thirst, and the elements, you and your buddies must find your salvation — though what that exactly means is yet to be discovered in the game’s main story quests.

Unlike a lot of Kickstarter projects, Eight Points has done a great job polishing up the game already. Having been in production for the past six months, The Wild Eight already has procedural map generation, story and side quest elements, and multiplayer systems implemented. The extra $50,000 they’re asking for is simply to help complete the project — a goal that backers easily knocked out of the park. While we have some time between now and the campaign’s end on Friday, May 13th (7:00pm Pacific Time), there’s still plenty of room for everyone’s favorite part about Kickstarter: stretch goals.

Start2Kickstarter: The Wild Eight

At present, they’ve outlined five milestones up to $200,000:

  • $75,000 – five extra side quests, five extra soundtracks’
  • $100,000 – extended game world
  • $125,000 – nonlinear plot with multiple endings
  • $150,000 – Xbox One simultaneous release
  • $200,000 – PS4 simultaneous release

Though Eight Points is looking to release The Wild Eight for PC, Mac, and Linux, console versions will be dependent on the game’s overall reception along with any additional support the company receives. Provided they reach their $200,000 crowdfunding goal, however, they expect their game to hit digital shelves by December 2016. Of course, if you can’t wait that long, they have a free pre-alpha demo for download.

Regardless of how much more money they raise before their campaign is done, this is definitely an interesting spin on survival games. Instead of just filling in the blanks from similar games, it’s great to see more companies build games based on their locale (the first example I can think of is Hinterland Studio with The Long Dark). Whether or not those of us outside of the Russian tundra can stomach surviving The Wild Eight will be tested in time.

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