5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out


I know, I know. Total War: WARHAMMER hasn’t even been out for two weeks and already we’re talking about mods. But it’s hard not to when there are already so many out there that do a decent job tweaking Creative Assembly‘s latest entry in its Total War franchise. Hell, I’d say part of this game’s success comes from the developers loosening up the reins a bit and letting their talented modding community real shine amid the ash and smoke of the Old World. Though it’s only been a handful of days, these WARHAMMER mods are only the beginning. Knowing how some of these projects turn into years-long endeavors, here are a few frontrunners we think you should know about from the get-go.

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Radious and his team knows how to make a great overhaul. Almost as soon as WARHAMMER launched, it seemed like Radious’ mod cropped up right alongside it. Now, I make it a habit to enjoy a game in its stock vanilla state before dolling it up with 110 different add-ons on the Steam Workshop, but it was hard to resist this one.

As with any grand strategy game, WARHAMMER mods are bound to only get better with age. The same applies here as this Radious Total War Mod, at present, only focuses on fundamental, base changes to things like the strategic campaign AI, factional diplomacy, land battles, and various reworks on skills, magic, building effects, unit statistics, costs, and upkeep, experience, and tons more. One of the first things you’ll notice is a larger amount of cash flowing into your settlements early on as the adjusted upkeep costs allow you to field more units and armies and wage proper total war.

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out

Speaking of your military minions, shortly after the main overhaul was launched, a supplementary unit mod was also released, expanding unit rosters for both player and non-player factions. But again, as the modders continue to work and the developers provide inevitable post-release patches and content, these mods will continue to grow with the game itself.

If you’re interested in following along with the team’s progress, you’re more than welcome to check out the official changelog on Total War Center. But with even with these preliminary changes — as comprehensive as they are — still might need a little help in the meantime. The next four will help round out your WARHAMMER mod experience.

Extra Mini-Mods

Before detailing each of these mods, don’t let their size compared to a full overhaul fool you. Even as I initially griped to my friends about certain things I wish were included in the base game, it appears I was not alone in my plea. Instead, these talented modders have magicked forth some extra content that adds some extra immersive charm to Total War: WARHAMMER, both cosmetically and functionally too.

OFFICERS OF THE EMPIRE – Empire Units have Officers!

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check OutWhile a lot of WARHAMMER‘s unit mechanics seem stripped down to the fundamentals (I was kinda surprised that special abilities like spear walls, loose formations, and cavalry wedges were missing), it seemed the nobility of the Empire was also phoning it in this time around. Given the faction’s emphasis on officers, pomp, and circumstance, it was a bit strange seeing regiments of State soldiers without officers commanding them.

Luckily for me and others, IlluminatiRex has saved the day with the “OFFICERS OF THE EMPIRE” mod. As the name implies, this cosmetic mod adds officer units to Empire foot soldiers, cavalry units, and marksmen, adding back that regal flare and giving the common folk some shiny noble to look up to in the heat of battle. After, what separates an army from rabble is a chain of command, is it not?

The Empire needs strong leaders and Karl Franz can’t do it himself.

Legendary Lord Unique Start Position

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out

Another complaint I had with the official release was that despite all the different minor kingdoms of each race and multiple leaders to choose from, you are stuck with only one main racial faction (The Empire, for example, versus a county like Middenheim or Reikland proper) and one start position. This also caused a few problems for players who wanted to co-op a race in a multiplayer campaign.

Now you no longer have to worry about who’s going to play as the Vampires or Dwarfs (or whomever) as Magnar has solved this problem with the “Legendary Lord Unique Start Position” mod. While factional leaders are still given their original seats of power, their lieutenants now start in formerly NPC-controlled territory.

The changes are as follows:

  • For the Empire, Balthasar Gelt starts in the eastern province of Stirland
  • For the Dwarfs, Ungrim Ironfist begins at his hold in Karak Kadrin
  • For the Greenskins, Azhag the Slaughter hails from Black Venom
  • And for the Vampires, Heinrich Kemmler commands the undead garrison in Schwarzhafen

If you’re wondering why Chaos remains unaffected, it’s because they’re nomadic and thus, don’t have any true start positions to really choose from. You make your home where you choose anyway… but you’re not the only ones able to conquer and subjugate whatever you wish anymore either…

Conquer Anywhere & Diplomatic Options

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out

Dresden‘s WARHAMMER mod is pretty self-explanatory: with “Conquer Anywhere & Diplomatic Options,” you can conquer and occupy any settlement you wish as a non-Chaos faction, as well as add some extra diplomatic leverage like with confederations. The base game (in what I interpret was an attempt to preserve lore-based conflicts) limits factions to only conquest certain lands. For example, humans can only claim other human or vampiric settlements, but can’t conquer dwarf or orc lands.

Now, you can manifest destiny across the Old World, no matter who you are or what liege you fight for.

After all, what’s Total War without wonton imperialism, amirite?

Olympian Campaign Camera

5 Total War: WARHAMMER Mods to Check Out

Speaking of massive empires, you’re going to need some help being able to survey it all from your godlike perch over the strategic map. I’m unsure why the game’s camera is so limited in its range and motion this time around, but Olympian‘s Campaign Camera tweak unhinges your perspective, allowing you to zoom in and out closer and farther than ever. Whatever the Warhammer equivalent to Olympus is, you’ll feel like a deity soon enough with some awe-striking bird’s eye views of your domain and the battlefields you fight on.

With all of the WARHAMMER mods out there already (and the numbers predicted to swell over the next weeks and months), these are definitely among the few that everyone should try out. Bundled, these mods fill out the latest Total War game quite well (and play well together too). Armed with these new tools, it falls now to you to bring the Old World to heel.

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