ShoddyCast releases The Storyteller: FALLOUT Season 4

ShoddyCast releases The Storyteller: FALLOUT Season 4


For the Bethesda lore hounds like me out there (specifically when it comes to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout), you know that there can never be too much when it comes to learning about these vast, immersive worlds. Too many hours have been spent hacking terminals and pouring over books in ancient libraries, studying the reality for the people who once inhabited these halls that… really never existed to begin with (see: pixels). But wouldn’t it be cool to see what that would’ve been like, a behind-the-scenes retelling of these stories we’ve only read or heard about? Ponder no more, friend, for I’ve got just the thing.

The folks over at ShoddyCast on YouTube have the same idea, bringing it to life with The Storyteller: FALLOUT, a well-written lore series that just entered its fourth season yesterday. Starting as a machinima series built with Fallout: New Vegas, each episode follows the Storyteller and his journey across the wastes as he does what he does best: tells stories about the broken world of Fallout. As the series progresses, the team has placed more and more emphasis on the “present-day” happenings in contrast to the documentary-like retellings of prior events. This back and forth, however, was a nice touch as it keeps the episodes fresh and exciting, making you want to come back more if not for the history lessons, but to see what happens next to the Storyteller.

While the quality behind the past almost-60 videos has never been lacking, Season 4 kicks off using Fallout 4 as the engine of choice this time around. You can see for yourself how awesome it looks:

With the new locale of the Commonwealth comes a plethora of untold stories detailing the New England as the Storyteller wanders in search of a missing friend. If it wasn’t enough to watch the episodes, you can also doll up your character in Fallout 4 much like the Storyteller with your very own suit of his power armor.

Outside of the Fallout series, ShoddyCast has also briefly covered the lore of The Elder ScrollsThe Witcher, and Dragon Age: Origins, to name a few. For more information, feel free to check out and support the team through Patreon alongside just shy of 900 other backers (will you be among the two to break that latest milestone?). By doing so, you’ll be kept in the know on video production and upcoming projects with more and more access depending on the support tier you subscribe to.

Either way, it’s amazing to see what people can come up with, especially when game designers take the time to truly build worlds that live and breathe all their own. It’s then left up to we gamers — we avid explorers — to rediscover their creation and pass down stories of our adventures down to the next generations.

Or something profound and thought-provoking like that.

Source: ShoddyCast (YouTube)

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