Top 10 Shadowrun: Hong Kong Quotes

Top 10 Shadowrun: Hong Kong Quotes


Out of all the Shadowruns I’ve played, Hong Kong is easily my favorite. Since I live in Washington and I’ve studied Germany in college, Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall (which take place in Seattle and Berlin respectively) don’t feel nearly as exotic. Coupled with a few graphics and gameplay upgrades and character development that seemed to go above and beyond this time around, it’s that last bit that really speaks to me. In some cases, quite literally.

Compared to the other Shadowrun-themed games in Harebrained Schemes‘ trio, your team in Hong Kong has some of the best wisdom. As I near completion on my first playthrough, I’ve been trying to find some snippets of my own since the Internet seems devoid of them for some reason. Worry not, friends. I’m here to help.

Top 10 Shadowrun: Hong Kong Quotes

While the selection here doesn’t do it justice, here’s some Shadowrun: Hong Kong quotes to tide you over. For now, this round focuses on your team; trust me, between Japanese philosophy and transhumanist fantasy, they’ve got enough ground covered. But give me some time and some subsequent playthroughs and I’ll be back with some more wise words from the denizens of the FEZ.

10. “The first answer that you come up with is almost always the best one you’re gonna have, so just roll with it. Don’t second-guess yourself, don’t hesitate, just act. You’ll live longer that way.” – Gobbet

9. “It’s like Raymond used to say, ‘Trust and verify.’ They haven’t given me a reason not to trust them, so until they do, I’ll believe what they say and keep my eyes open.” – Duncan

8. “I digress. The point I was making was that the forces that shaped you — and me, and anyone else you care to mention — were ultimately mindless ones. Blind, manipulative biological drives that led a sperm and an egg to collide. Add in a roll of the dice and a dash of Mendelian genetics and here you are.” – Racter

7. “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If that thing is also your duty, it is worth doing perfectly.” – Gaichu

6. “The natural processes of evolution and sexual selection guide the development of our species through trial and error. Throw a few billion darts at the wall and see what sticks. In the future that I foresee, this process will be reined in. Guided by our own controlling intellects. To co-opt an antiquated phrase, the myth of ‘intelligent design’ will become a reality, but we will be our own gods, reshaping ourselves as we see fit.” – Racter, on posthumanism

5. “They do what’s easy. Throw money at the problem. Amateurs. For a quarter of the price of that wiz new cyberdeck, I can have five of last years model. And after I’ve finished daisy-chaining them together, the machine that I’ve built will run circles around your store-bought wonder.” – Is0bel, on deckers who buy the very latest tech as soon as it comes out *cough*

4. “Everyone’s a cog. Whether you’re working for them, consuming their crap, getting brainwashed by news media that they control, voting for the people that they put in front of you, or being policed by the people that they own, you’re a cog.” – Duncan

3. “If you get caught up in your own head, agonizing over past mistakes… well, don’t be surprised if you wind up dead. A kitchen fire can take you down as easily as a cop’s bullet if you stand around and let it.” – Gobbet

2. “One does not defeat the enemy solely by strength of arms. One must turn one’s own weaknesses into strengths. It is an old and valuable lesson, too often forgotten.” – Gaichu

1. “No one is perfect, but we should all strive…to elevate our way of being. Most walk through life blind, never understanding their own desires or the effects of their actions. If more of us meditated…on our lot in life, I suspect there would be less misery in the world.” – Gaichu, on Tsunetomo

What are some of your favorite quotes?

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