Start 2 Continue is a website dedicated to gamers and the lifestyle and culture surrounding them. While we’ve started as a general video game news site back in 2013, we soon got bored talking about games as products or trying to tell the same news story that the thousands of other outlets were regurgitating like a copy/pasted script. Instead, we’ve turned our focus on games as an experience — both in their play and creation.

Just like our favorite pastime, we want to tell the stories of countless characters both within the games we love and in the real world. We value quality, honesty, and community, striving to empower the growth and success of self-starters, artists, developers, designers, and writers in the video game industry. With gaming becoming more and more integrated into mainstream society — whether explicitly in esports or adapted to innovate business, healthcare, and education through gamification — we want to be a part of the conversation as how people can use gaming to improve and enjoy their own lives.

You’ll find we cover a variety of topics: indie game design, Kickstarter projects, modding, storytelling and lore, gamification, technology, and tons of other gaming-related things. To be honest, it really all depends on our mood and what we feel needs to be talked about. Maybe a certain quest’s storyline really hit home or perhaps a developer’s latest DLC scandal really pissed us off. Whatever it is, we want to pose a perspective outside of the “mainstream” that we personally feel has grown tone deaf to modern gamers. We don’t mind telling it like it is; we don’t have any special ad contracts with game publishers to tell us otherwise anyway.

Whether you work in the games industry (as press or developer) or just enjoy games… or maybe you’ve actually never picked up a game before and just find them interesting, we hope you find a home here. Of course, if this is home, let us know what you think. We’re always grinding XP and trying to improve anyway and we’d love to learn from others who may know better. In fact, if you’d like to write with us or share any projects you or someone you know’s working on, let us know!

Either way, keep being awesome and thank you for checking us out. Hopefully we’ll see you out in the field sometime. Or… you know… we’ll be here too, obviously. At least you know where to find us now, eh?